Uvida’s Inspiration

Uvida staff constantly monitors a variety of media channels including high traffic websites and blogs to identify key issues in society and the experts who are providing innovative, practical solutions. Following is a sample of the inspiration behind Uvida’s evolving courseware.

Mental Health

Business & Management Skills

Emotional Health

Physical Well-Being, Healthcare & Longevity

Financial & Retirement Planning

Spiritual Growth, Ethics & Belief Systems

Sustainable Community Development

  • Sustainable Human.me
  • Soil and Health Library
    This website provides free downloadable e-books on radical agriculture, natural hygiene/nature cures, self-sufficient homestead living and achieving personal sovereignty Some publications posted here date back over 100 years. You’ll also find collections involving social criticism and transformational psychology There is no fee for downloading anything in this extensive library.
  • New Economy Coalition
    Centuries of economic extraction have undermined aspirations for a democratic society. Concentration of power in the hands of a privileged few is incompatible with the long-term health of our communities and our ecosystems. Structural racism and inequality, coupled with unsustainable consumption and an addiction to fossi3 fuels, allow this system to persist while spelling out a future with less opportunity and more vulnerability for the vast majority of people.
  • Video: Charles Eisenstein on Sacred Economics
  • Living Economies Forum.org

Transforming Government

Media Literacy & Critical Thinking

Transformative K-12 Education

Consumer Protection

Noteworthy Online Documentaries