1. Corporate Cocaine 2.0

    Corporate Cocaine 2.0 Turning the stock market inside out — a view from the 1% seats. Last May, we posted a blog, Corporate Cocaine regarding massive stock buybacks by U.S. corporations, used to bolster their stock prices. This is a brief follow up. Corporate stock buybacks totaled $934 billion in 2014, and another $1 trillion in 2015. On one hand, buybacks can be a healthy sign that reflects a …Read More

  2. The Stock Market and Its Relentless Daily Shifts

    Perpetual Tension Countless factors contribute to market fluctuations, and the perpetual tension between bulls and bears across the globe is an obvious tug-of-war every single minute of every single day. Financial news floods the media. Earnings reports prompt speculation. Consumer surveys, employment reports, supply and demand, Fed announcements, third world conflict, climate change… these fact…Read More

  3. What Works for Women at Work

    First steps for finding happiness in your job and developing greater career potential. About the Author: Marjorie Stockford is a writer and international non-profit business executive. She is the author of “The Bellwomen: The Story of the Landmark AT&T Sex Discrimination Case”, published by Rutgers University Press. She holds an engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts at Am…Read More

  4. Reversing Alzheimer’s

    The Rising Epidemic What do President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, actors Jimmy Stewart and Charlton Heston, and artists Norman Rockwell and Willem De Kooning, all have in common? All of them died as a result of Alzheimer’s disease or related complications. Alzheimer’s is a devastating neurological disease that also takes an overwhelming emotional, physical, and financial t…Read More

  5. Overcoming Negative Belief Patterns

    About the Author: Lucas Bell is a success coach and consultant, working with individuals and businesses to help them discover and develop their full potential. You Are What You Believe! Ultimately, we become what we believe. Our beliefs are the guiding factors in shaping who we are. Our beliefs are rooted in our hearts, which contain the essence of our identity. In order to truly become who we wan…Read More

  6. Corporate Cocaine

    Stock Buybacks With Cheap Fed Money Fewer shares = more earnings per share = lower (better) P/E ratios. There are three key ways that companies can boost earnings per share (EPS) to show earnings growth, fueling the stock market and attracting more small investors to buy and/or hold shares. Grow revenue — Increasing top line revenue leads to increased earnings and increased earnings per share. E…Read More

  7. Compulsory Vaccination

    Separating Fact From Fiction We’ve used many keywords to describe Uvida’s mission and the direction of our coursework. Words like ‘relevant’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘decentralization’ are themes that will differentiate us in the e-learning marketplace. The demand for relevant business skills may be obvious, but the issues that affect our personal lives are equally important, if not more…Read More

  8. About This Blog

    Uvida is an emerging online education service founded to empower people with knowledge and insight to address the many social, economic, cultural, and business challenges that impact our lives every day. Later this year, Uvida will release a comprehensive elearning subscription-based membership, with multimedia curriculum of proven interest to a mainstream global audience. Instructors are all cred…Read More